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After 2 weeks alone the mind wanders and I made my own WilsonTried my hand at shelter building

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Home Sweet Home (This past summer that is)

Heres the first of probably a few posts.  As you may know, I had spent my summer on a hill here in Colorado. The experience was a learning experience to say the least. A chance to test my skill at one of my interests…..could I survive with the basics for an extended period of time. So I guess we will start from the beginning. I hope you enjoy the pictures and more than a few stories.

Home Sweet Home

Heres where Celticgirl, Lakota (my dog) and myself  spent the following 4 months and for a little while Celtics dog Chinook.  The afternoon that we moved in it s had started sleeting and was cold.  We had 2 days before the gates were opened and the campground started to receive other campers so it was a fantastic 2 days of solitude, a time to get acquainted with the surroundings and resources that were available.

Day 1: we got to meet Jerry the Garbage collector, He comes to pick up every Tuesday, and believe me after a couple months out there  you only know what day it is by who is visiting, so if Jerry was there it was Tuesday.  My boss (and also by the way my older sister) came on Saturdays to pick up my paperwork. There is probably more paperwork that has to be done with that job than actual physical work. redundancies in papers to fill out for how many campers were in the park , When they checked in, when they leave, daily weekly monthly 2 different sets of weeklys one a detail the other a overview. I guess thats federal bureaucracy at work . anyway.

Gonna change gears here and post more pictures with captions. Spent 20 minutes so far trying to get pictures to post and its fighting back. So here we go.

First dinner out there. Steak, sauteed mushrooms (no i didn't find these mushrooms, that comes later) fresh biscuits peas and a nice bottle of White Zin




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New Adventure

Been ages since I visited here and just wanted to leave a fast update. I been getting ready for a summer job that is right up my alley. I will be taking care of a couple of campgrounds till September.
Mount Shavano and North Fork Campgrounds, if you get a chance swing by, we can have a couple cold ones and a chat.

I managed to get new sprouts this past month, 5 Echinacea, 1 nasturtiam some Dill and a crap load of Lemon Balm……so if you know anyone that needs some, so far, its gonna be coming out my ears before long. Along with the thyme and basil that I managed to get growing last year is still going.

I am hoping to be able to post while I am on the mountain and at least be able to give you folks some pictures and some day to day life…..I am still trying to grasp the concept of its going to be me, the dog and a camper for 4 months, but its gonna be a good test of will. I hope that I don’t have to rely on my fishing skills, since I would prolly starve to death if that were the case. All sorts of skills that I can work on perfecting or at least improving….snaring, map skills, FISHING, tracking rock hunting. Its gonna be an adventure to say the least. One that I am looking forward to.
Any tips or advice please feel free to leave them in comments.

Be well friends and take care!

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California Island

Follow up to the last one, I left rather hastily cause it make s no sense, if you live in a quake zone that was your decision, same as you live in tornado alley, nature will exact its wrath. You roll the dice and take your chances. Lets take a chance here if we can…..California will hit a 6 to 7 plus earthquake this year…and Kansas will get hit with a 4.0 if not a 5.0 tornado….its not rocket science….I have $50 that says I am right.  and believe me I am a man of my word if I am wrong.

might even see more shaking along the eastern seaboard and along Chicago area , those fault lines are gettin stressed.

Just my opinion,


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I am no freakin genius nor claim to be a geologist in any major part but I know and have studied tectonics and land building. This is NEWS to ANYONE?

You built on a fault line ya freakin morons thats evident from a couple hundred years ago, now it gets a news line. Thousands died in San Fran, it only took a hundred years to realize this?

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Ok I have to get this outta the way, I have been biting my tongue long enough. The blame game, Dems against the Repubs.

I dont really care what party you are from, I ask only that we as Americans, see through the veil of BS that you feed us daily, the flip flopping from parties and ideas. Grow some balls and stand by them I say.

This is what tripped my trigger the freakin 2 faced Pelosi from 2003:

Pelosi: Where Are the Jobs, Mr. President?

August 1, 2003

Washington, D.C. — House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ announcement that 470,000 people abandoned their job searches in July and that 3.2 million private sector jobs have been lost since President Bush took office:

“The fact is that President Bush’s misguided economic policies have failed to create jobs. Since President Bush took office, the country has lost 3.2 million jobs, the worst record since President Hoover. And today we learned that in July nearly half a million people gave up looking for a job.

“Job losses are taking a real toll on the financial security of American families. While Democrats are fighting for opportunity, jobs, and economic security for working families, Republicans continue to focus on helping those who need help the least.

“According to today’s survey, while the national unemployment rate dropped slightly, it still stands at a near record high. In addition, the unemployment rate for African Americans was still over 11 percent in July, and the unemployment rate for Hispanics was 8.2 percent in July.

“It is time for President Bush and the Republicans to get to work for all Americans, not just the elite few.”

OK that said, I dont blame anyone in particular though I could. The economy is a fickle thing, based alot on personal gains from those that are higher up. I dont blame Obama for the economy since its declined since at least 2003 but I do blame this administration and its leader, for the decline in our interests and blaming the previous admin for the problems of now.

WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)–The U.S. unemployment rate unexpectedly declined in January, but the economy continued to shed jobs and revisions painted a bleaker picture for 2009, casting doubt over the labor market’s strength.

Now Pelosi, Where are the jobs since you have been in power? Of course I can hear your answer its the previous admin for the problems of now. It has been 7 years now with your idiocracy empowered royalty  and 1 year with this Obamanation. Its time to get the people empowered in the rights that they have to vote you OUT. NOW!!!.  You dont care about jobs but how can you afford the next trip with your family on taxpayer money. Edit: from a previous blog it wasnt 100K, that was just in drinks from 2008 she racked up about 2.1 million in expenses. The air force is her personal lapdog for transportation while we have to leap and jump through hoops to go from here to the bathroom.
Ok not the prettiest post I have done but dammit you People asked for more updates……lafffssss……now ya get them!

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Indoor Planting And Misc.

So far, I have only managed to kill one plant. Thats a record for my non green thumb!

Last summer I replanted some Ivy (and I know its not an ivy its called something else and the name fails me right now)

was a nice long viney thing but it was lacking in leaves and fullness so on bequest of friends and family I trim it back and repot parts of it, well heartbreaking as it was to tear it into pieces, I did as advised. Its still not where I want it but its living. This plant is a cutting from my mother and was given to her from my late and favorite Aunt, it also moved it from Philly back to Colorado with me, so I felt a certain amount of compassion to keeping it alive.

Also last summer I planted some Thyme, Basil and Sage, well the basil and the thyme I repotted into bigger pots last night, the sage unfortunately fell victim of my un green thumb and didnt survive to re-pot, THIS TIME!

Along with the Sage that I have reseeded I also planted some mustard, chives, cilantro, dill(I love the smell of dill); when it gets warmer then I can transplant into the garden.

On other topics, as mentioned in previous posts of a small world heres a couple pictures from my youth, I believe pictures tell the most honest story.  No laughing now.

Not sure where the caption went to so here goes again.

Left to Right: Christy the Singer( left the band to become a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader), Kevin Fowler (we all know where that leads to) AJ (Best friends since 2nd grade) Chris drummer (not sure whats up with him these days) and lil ol me on bass far right.

Hair Band Days

Well there ya go folks,  glimpse into where I am at and where I been for now. Details at 6!!!

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From The Colo Front

Certainly some things change and continue to change,  Isn’t that what life is all about.  Change. Not the kind that was promised by others (you know what I am talkin about).  But ever changing circumstances that lead you on a new road of learning and knowledge, understanding the things that were misunderstood or never understood in the beginning. Change that you make from within, your own change! After all thats the only one that can affect how you view life and the things that are cherished.

Well wasn’t that a pleasant lil reintroduction intro to my blog.

I will be the first to admit that I am the worst at keeping up with blogging, mulling over why I cant keep a better schedule on it. Thats another story in itself  but thanks to Celticgirl, she tries to keep me on track not always successful but she trie and usually successful in reminding me “Hey, What about that blog ya do, you make any updates?”.Thanks for the kick in the A** when I need it!

First things, Their is the new dog that I adopted since moving back to Colo, Lakota by name, Good friend to me and in training to carry his own pack.

Hes nuts if he thinks for a second that I am gonna carry his crap in my pack. Very smart but still a pup.

On other notes,

I have said before that I spent years getting off the farm where I grew up. Its funny how things come full circle, I am back in the same town now after 20 years now wanting to get back to simple. So I am gonna try my hand at planting a  garden this year, vegetables, Medicinal and Herbal teas, I got the first shipment of seeds in today, the tea and medicinal seeds with a planter. Now I can tell ya that eating them plain isnt the answer they just suck, even roasted and don’t have much in nutritional value,  so best idea is to plant them. Just kidding about  eating them as is. Lord knows I dont want a greeny gardener thinkin that I ate the seeds cause I thought that’s how it was done

Still have the vegetable seeds to come in, lettuce, peppers, tomatos, potatoes, radishes, carrots the list goes on and on, I did a typical Smunkyism and went wild in the seed ordering, don’t even have enough land to plant them all, but I figure they may last a couple seasons and keeping one of each plant inside to propagate seeds from. Any Advice is very welcome. In the meantime a couple of pics I took of home.

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Small world

Funny things that happen on day to day basis, THere was a post by my friend Mayberry today about a song that he considered his theme song, funny thing is, I played in a few bands with him in my earlier years of band days when I first moved to amarillo in the late 80’s early 90’s. Ill have to look around and scan some pics of the good ol days.

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As a kid I tromped these hills and mountains time and time again, knew them like the back of my hand; every road creek bed ridge line cave, knew that in a pinch how to survive long enough to get home or to get help if needed. Three years ago I realized how much I had forgotten how to respect these mountains. on vacation I was reminded how much I DIDNT know. I have always been proud of  myself on being prepared (prepped). boy was I wrong.

My awakening came the summer of camping with my nephew and his friend, I had my tent, backpack, firestarter, some dehydrated food, sleeping bag, wow was i in for a surprise or awakening. the minute i got to camp my nephew asked if i had brought a fishin pole cause if you dont catch it you aint eatin nothing tonight. BELLS AND ALARMS WENT OFF HERE) I wasnt prepped. I had no way to catch food, dehydrated food is as good as it lasts but what happens when it runs out. I had become a city boy (uggggghhhhh). It became time to get serious about preps. Not to get political and all , thats for a different forum, but as i read more and more about the “new” pres I have had real bad feelings about whats going down. I knew it was time to get off the scope and get out of metro areas, so I moved from philly back home to colo. get back to my roots. Not only the scope thing but My health was getting a bit worse than I had anticipated, more on that later, but I thank God that she was there when she was, or I wouldnt be here to type this today.

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